The universe of Polaris

  • The Transhuman Authority a warring empire spawned in the pitiless wastes of interstellar space, determined to rule the human race - or destroy it.
  • Polaris a starship of the United Worlds Navy, pursued by the Authority and lost in the uncharted reaches beyond the Milky Way.
  • Phaidros a planet that cannot exist…yet does. To find their way home again, Captain Sam Fredericks, scientist Valerie Young and the crew of Polaris must decipher its mysteries.
  • Their discovery will forever change humanity - if they live to tell about it!

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Our “hero” spaceship, Polaris, was designed by aridas sofia. Aridas is well-known in Star Trek tech fandom as the artist, author and publisher behind General Plans for the USS Avenger class, the USS Enterprise Heavy Cruiser Evolution Blueprints and the Federation Reference Series as well as other noteworthy designs and publications. Check out his Federation Reference website.

Aridas and Jason Lee are continuing to revise Polaris in line with emerging story requirements, so the images you currently see in our site header and elsewhere on this site are intermediate representations of what we know will be a remarkable final design.

For now, take a look at an early test animation of the United Worlds Polaris:

About the starship

Polaris is a Zodiac-Class Explorer, constructed at the New Calder shipyards on Inverness.
Built around an advanced dipolar hypergravitic FTL drive, on delivery to original owners Hopewell Expeditions the research vessel (R/V) Polaris included six science labs and extensive stowage spaces as well as a Gen3 AI Navigation Core and a Pathfinder integrated scanner suite. Specialized hangars supported two Ptolemy-Class scout/landing crafts and several EVA utility craft.

Polaris originally carried a complement of 32 crew members and technicians as well as specialized scientific parties of up to 30 men and women for expeditions as long as 270 days (Old Imperial Standard). For five years Hopewell operated the ship out of the Starport Medina deep space facility.

After Medina’s destruction, Polaris’s surviving owner/captain put the ship at the disposal of the United Worlds and Allied Navies. At that time the vessel underwent extensive refitting for use as a fast military reconnaissance and intelligence gathering starship. Hull shielding was strengthened and her previously minimal ECM defense arrays were augmented by a particle-based close-in anti-missile system. She was outfitted with missile launchers and paired Casimir accelerated negative energy (CANE) guns.

Now redesignated United Worlds Cruiser (UWC) Polaris and commanded by Captain Sam Fredericks, she carries a complement of 60 officers and crew, including a 12 member science staff composed of both officers and civilian specialists.

Polaris main fuselage cross-section

Polaris main fuselage cross-section

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  1. Comment by Greg — 10 January 2009 @ 12:26 pm

    That’s an ingenious design. The fact that all of the rooms are of similar size and shape allows most if not all of the rooms to be built by redressing the same physical set. Very cool.

  2. Comment by Andrew Glazebrook — 22 December 2009 @ 8:54 pm

    Looks very cool indeed !!

  3. Comment by admin — 22 December 2009 @ 9:38 pm


    You worked on Hyperdrive? That’s one that I haven’t had a chance to see - I don’t know if it’s run in the States at all yet - but I’ve seen images and clips from it online. The Camden Locke in particular is a really interesting and plausible-looking ship.

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